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Our Approach

We use quality products, pay attention to detail and exceed the customer’s expectations for a fair price.  It sounds cliche’ but it’s how we operate.  Most of our new clients come from referrals of current or  past customers. We do great work at great rates. Roofs, painting and remodeling are our passions.

Our Story

Following my military career in the 80’s, I found a new passion. I wanted to build structures. I wanted to remodel homes. I wanted it so bad that I literally would have done it for free.   I applied for jobs with contractors but had no experience other than my own d-i-y projects. So no one would hire me.  I offered to work my first 90 days for FREE! A contractor understood my passion and gave me a job shadowing his best worker.  He put me through the paces days after day and I loved it.  After years of working with and for others, I stepped out on my own in March 1996.




Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every work day.


Our workers punctual and our work completion dates are consistently on schedule.  We know time is money and we make every single minute count.  

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